Demystifying the Kerberos

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It is usual reading no such good words on the complex and hard understanding of the Kerberos. Although my area is Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Software Exploitation, I’ve written two articles for Oracle trying to mitigate this undesirable impression about the Kerberos. I used Oracle Linux 7.2 for implementing the solution.

The first article deeply explains Kerberos concepts and showss how to implementing it. At end, I show how to integrate SSH with it.

The second article has a more practical approach. It explain how to implement an IdM (Identity Manager Server), integrating the Kerberos with Active Directory and Samba.

Both parts follow:

part 1: Kerberos concepts + implementation + SSH (32 pages):

part 2: Kerberos + IdM + Active Directory + Samba (44 pages):

In my opinion, Kerberos is an outstanding protocol and framework, and I hope this my small contribution to community helps professionals to see it from a different point of view.

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Alexandre Borges

(LinkedIn: and Twitter: @ale_sp_brazil)

GUOB Tech Day 2016 – Hunting Malware in the memory on Oracle Linux 7.x

Dear readers, how are you? In July/30 I’ve taught the lecture “Hunting Malwares in the Memory on Oracle Linux 7.x” at GUOB Tech Day 2016 – Latin America OTN tour. It was a wonderful event and very well organized ( 

My talk was a very introductory lecture about malware infection on Linux systems with duration of 45 minutes. I was surprised because, though most audience were DBAs (therefore, they are not deeply involved with the security area), they were interested in learning this topic and we enjoyed so much. Honestly, it is easy talking to experienced professionals.

Few photos follow:

Other nice pictures can be found on Carina Mendes’s website: 

I hope you have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.

(LinkedIn: and Twitter: @ale_sp_brazil).