Meeting Michael Sikorski in NYC (SEP/2015)

Dear readers, how are you? Today I have an amazing and unforgettable day lunching with Michael Sikorski in NYC. For people who do not know Michael, he is author of Practical Malware Analysis book and director of FLARE (FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering) at FireEye. Certainly I can tell you that Michael is very polite, friendly, an extremely humble person and so different from other professionals who I know that do not have (even close) the same knowledge.There are not enough good words to praise Michael. Follow below a picture with Michael in a restaurant:

I’ve been learning with top minds such as Michael Sikorski for being able to share the knowledge. Honestly, I hope I am successful.

In this world, we meet few relevant and remarkable people. Michael is one of them.

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.