Windows Malware and Memory Forensic Training with Volatility Developers

Hello readers, how are you? This week I am attending the Windows Malware and Memory Forensics
Training with Volatility developers (Michael Ligh, Jamie Levy and Andrew Case) in Reston (Virginia – USA). There is only one way to summary the course: PERFECT! It is extremely organized, includes theory and many practical exercises. Furthermore, all explanations are clear, concise and very informative. Another bonus is that all exercises come with well-explained answers.

Is it all? No, it is not. The volatility developers know everything about Windows Internals, Malware and Digital Forensics. Personally, Michael Ligh is the one of two most impressive and smarter guys who I know (the another one is Michael Sikorski) and Jamie Levy is, certainly, the most intelligent girl (by far). Furthermore, Michael and Jamie are very humble, polite and lovely humans being. Certainly, it is only possible to talk good words about them.

Some pictures follow below:

Figure 1:
Michael Ligh (one of two more outstanding and intelligent professionals that I have ever met in my life) and I

Figure 2: Jamie Levy (the most intelligent girl of the world and a very lovely person) and I

Figure 3: Andrew Case and I during a happy hour

Honestly, I am having a perfect course during a perfect week.

I hope you have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.