BSIDES LATAM 2016 – Hunting Malwares on the Memory

Dear readers, how are you? Yesterday, June/12, I taught a lecture titled “Hunting malwares on the memory” in BSIDES Latin America 2016. It follows few photos:

I am proud of having taken part of the first BSIDES LATAM 2016 for three reasons:

  1. Attendees from my lectures were amazing. They were smart, very interested and made good questions.
  2. Ponai Rocha (one of the organizers) was very polite and an outstanding host.
  3. BSIDES LATAM is a technical event with few vendors and quite really interesting lectures taught by experts.

Honestly, I hope my attendees have learned and gotten motivated to study a bit more about Malware and Memory Analysis.

I hope you have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.

(LinkedIn: and twitter: @ale_sp_brazil)

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