How to configure a free VTL (Virtual Tape Library) software

Wow…finally I finished the making of a document about how to configure a free VTL software. My friends, I hope you enjoy it. The article follows:

UPDATE (JUL/30/16): the new link for downloading the webmanage is 

Have a nice day. J


PS: thank you Chris for the updated link.

5 thoughts on “How to configure a free VTL (Virtual Tape Library) software

  1. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for the post. mhVTL works perfectly fine on CentOS.
    I tried on RedHat Enterprise 6, 64 bit, but most of the files are missing. Please advice if there is any fix or documentation for Installing and Configuring mhVTL on Redhat would be a great help.

    Brijith VB.

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    • Chris,

      Hi, how are you?

      Thank you for the new link. In the next days I will try to update the document.

      I hope the document has been useful.

      Have a nice day and, once more, thank you for the updated link.

      Alexandre Borges.


      • No problem Alexandre, I’ve returned to your page as I need to install a new VTL to test NetBackup 8.0. It’s installed on an AWS Redhat 7.3 instance so I’ll let you know how I get on. As an aside I first tried to use the AWS Storage Gateway service which also emulates a VTL and works with NetBackup but it required a large AWS EC2 instance all to itself and I couldn’t justify the expense.


      • Chris, good evening. I am sorry for the delay, but I have faced several problems this year, so I was away from anything related to writing on my blog, except when I had to post few photos about security events.

        When I worked for Symantec, it was easy to keep any article updated, but since I left there my time has been very short.

        I’ve just downloaded the CentOS 7 and I hope I can write a new and updated document. Eventually, I will need to get a NetBackup license from someone, but let us see…

        Please, feel free to send me message at

        I hope you are fine and thank you for your message.

        Take care.

        Alexandre Borges.


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